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Luminosity brings the security, safety and student or citizen engagement across the Microgrid ecosystem.

    With our partnership Schneider Electric and their battery partner, we provide a comprehensive microgrid solution. In many cases, for those with large electrical loads,

    there is no upfront or ongoing cost to the city or campus or enterprise.

  • Battery guaranteed & warranted
  • Schneider Electric guarantees microgrid design/build EPC engineer, procure and construct battery installation.
  • DBOOM holistic design, build, own, operate and maintain with optimized uptime and financial performance of the complete Battery Energy storage infrastructure.
  • Luminosity provides the connected safety and security along with citizen or student engagement with our customized application.
  • 4-6 month installation guarantee
  • Vetted and reviewed by Navigant using the USDOE energy storage computational tool
  • Get in touch for your no-cost evaluation

    Schneider Electric took the top spot as the leader in microgrid controller technology in an analysis by Navigant Research.

High Value Asset Tracking

Luminosity’s solution helps companies tighten security, increase efficiency and improve the user experience. Providing clear chain of custody insights and extensive reporting and analytics.

  • Location
  • Notification
  • Movement
  • Count
  • Region Zone Based
  • Eliminate lost assets
  • Locate assets
  • Notify assets are in the wrong place
  • Asset transfer between locations can be monitored “depart/arrive”
  • Leverage ERP to gain asset data to keep costs down
  • Improper use of material
  • Real-time updates of material usage
  • Eliminate missing assets
  • Increase Quality Assurance
  • Predictive Sales rules

Inventory Management

Connected Campus

Luminosity’s patent pending solutions immerse students in their college experience while providing safety and security across the campus.

  • Student Application that covers the gamut from where to go, what to do, organizations that may be of interest, what is nearby, available parking, follow me home security features and much more.
  • Connected Microgrid
  • Electric Fleet / AV Charging Stations paid for from grid savings
  • Mobile Application (use, availability, charging location and ride share)
  • Locations Services / Asset Control for Electric Fleet
  • Gamification / Awareness / % Energy Usage Type
  • Secure Parking Solutions
  • Building Management

  • Connected City

    Luminosity’s patent pending technology engages citizens and provides integrated solutions across the connected city infrastructure.

  • City Wide Wi-Fi
  • Connected Citizens
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Infrastructure Management
  • Smart Security
  • Proven Parking solutions that reduce congestion
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